More companies use email marketing for customer aquisition and lead generation

22 May

This blog by sheds light on B2B trends:

B2B Email Marketers Focus on Targeting Content
MAY 21, 2013


Customer acquisition, lead nurturing are top goals

For business-to-business (B2B) companies, email marketing is all about getting the right content in front of the right customers. Customer acquisition and lead nurturing were the most important purposes of email marketing programs among US B2B marketing professionals surveyed in March by BtoB Magazine. Brand awareness and customer retention were less important to email marketing efforts.

In keeping with the goal of reaching the appropriate audience, the greatest percentage of marketers saw delivering content to the right segment as the No. 1 tactic that would improve their email marketing program, cited by almost half of respondents. List segmentation, a related tactic, was also cited by 30% of B2B marketers surveyed.

But email marketing is not as simple as just targeting the right audience. The greatest percentage of respondents—58%—cited delivering relevant content as the biggest challenge and opportunity they faced in the next year. Reaching the right people is critical, but providing the audience with content that will matter to them is also important.

In terms of evaluating their efforts, the greatest percentage of B2B marketers (23%) said that click through rate (CTR) was the most important metric they looked at, and BtoB Magazine found that the average CTR across these businesses was 7%.

As personalization and targeting improves, CTRs are also likely to rise.



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