AFETT participates in the 2013 Justice For Children March to raise awareness for the need for Child Care Solutions For Trinidad and Tobago

28 Apr

Leneika Nicholls & RPA Director Francisca Jordan - (2)

As part of our awareness campaign for the Association of Female Executives of Trinidad and Tobago’s (AFETT’s) upcoming national survey on Child Care Solutions For Trinidad and Tobago, Research and Public Advocacy (RPA) Director Francisca Jordan and Leneika Nicholls represented AFETT at the 2013 Justice For Children March on Sunday April 21st 2013.   Under the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC), to which Trinidad and Tobago has acceded, each State has a duty to maximize the survival and healthy development of each child under its jurisdiction.  AFETT is at the forefront of lobbying the Government and Private sector to implement family friendly policies in the workplace, and explored the need for proper child care solutions in Trinidad and Tobago in its November 2010 White Paper.  Child care policies can cover a variety of options and AFETT will explore which of these are best suited for Trinidad and Tobago in its upcoming 2013 national survey.

The theme of this year’s Justice For Children March was ‘Stop the Abuse!’.  The annual march, also known as the ‘Akiel Chambers Justice for Children March’, is hosted by the Jericho Project so that the names of all of our nation’s children whose lives were tragically cut short by abuse will not be forgotten and their abusers may be brought to justice.

Other issues highlighted include:

– For the Children’s Law to be proclaimed and enforced;

– For a properly set up, funded and functional Children’s Authority;

– For the creation of a Board to oversee the operations and funding of homes for the underprivileged and the orphans in society;

– For the provision of proper and mandatory school psychological supervision and counseling throughout the school system;

– For free parental counseling and guidance to be made available to parents in need;

– For an end to bullying and for the enactment of stricter laws to eradicate this scourge; and

– For an end to abuse of our nation’s children at all levels in society.

The march was a silent one and scores of persons from a wide cross section of society attended including children and staff from non-profit and non-governmental children’s organizations and homes for the underprivileged and orphaned children.  Many churches, as well business groups and civil society were also well represented. The politicians were not to be left out and notable among them were the Honourable Minister of Gender Youth and Child Development and UNC Deputy Political leader Marlene Coudray, Senator and Head of the PNM’s Women’s League Pennelope Beckles, Psychologist and COP Deputy Political Leader Anna-Maria Mora and former PNM Senator Nafeesa Mohammed.   After the march several persons and groups, including Child Psychologist Karen Moore, made presentations to the participants.  It was indeed an enjoyable morning for a very worthy cause.

AFETT invites you to participate in our upcoming 2013 national survey to help us make Child Care Solutions in Trinidad and Tobago a reality by emailing us at or to advise of your interest. On behalf of the children of Trinidad and Tobago and their working parents, we thank you for your support.

You may read more about AFETT’s  Child Care Solutions Project at,176819.html


Francisca Jordan is the Director of Research and Public Advocacy (RPA) at the Association of Female Executives of Trinidad and Tobago (AFETT). The RPA committee is charged with keeping AFETT members up to date on relevant issues and events, formulating public statements to be made on behalf of AFETT, and for the co-ordination of research activities undertaken by or on behalf of AFETT.

4th & 3rd from extreme right - Leneika Nicholls with white cap & RPA Director Francisca Jordan partially turned with black head tie at the Justice For Children March 2013

L-R-Senator & Head of the PNM Women League Pennelope Beckles-Psychologist & COP Dep Political Leader AnnaMaria Mora-former PNM Sen Nafeesa Mohammed-Minister of Gender

A few of the scores of children who came out for the Justice For Children March

Random Acts Of Good Deeds - One of the many presentations done after the Justice For Children March to raise awareness of the issues involved


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