Why Aren’t There More Women CEO’s

17 Apr

Henna Inam discusses in her article “Why Aren’t There More Women CEO’s” a recent Linked In poll that was published. The question that was asked is “Why aren’t there more women CEO’s?”  The 241 respondents picked the following responses:

  • Institutional barriers (42%)
  • Family is a bigger priority (26%)
  • Lack of workplace flexibility (15%)
  • Lack of female role models (7%)
  • Less willing to take risks (10%)

Which would you choose and what would you do about it?  Henna advises that we ask ourselves this question “What is the one small step I can take to change things?” and then just go do it.  

Some other advice offered to be part of the solution are:

  • Start by believing in yourself. You are here to make an important difference. You have strengths and gifts that have been given to you to make that difference. You have a very important leadership purpose so find it and move purposely toward it.
  • Help a woman leader believe in herself by letting her know what strengths you have observed in her. Encourage her to reach for her goals.
  • Sponsor a woman by giving her access to powerful people and assignments in your organization.
  • Partner up with a woman leader who you admire and ask whether she will be your accountability partner in helping you reach your goals and do the same for her.
  • Start or sponsor a women’s mentoring circle in your organization or community 

You may read Henna Inam’s full article at http://www.transformleaders.tv/why-arent-there-more-women-ceos/ 


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