Is Facebook Usage Declining Among Teens?

16 Apr

Bernard Warner discusses the decline in use of facebook and YouTube by teens in his article “Facebook Fatigue Among Teens Should Freak Out Marketers”.  I found the percentages quoted to be interesting for all the social media sites listed.   Take facebook for example.  This is listed at around 33% for facebook in spring 2012 and decreasimg to about 23% by spring 2013.  See diagram below re-posted from Bernard Warner’s article:

I haven’t noticed a similar trend with my younger networks. My teenage daughter, nieces, nephews and their friends do periodically get tired of facebook and will go on and off it.  But overtime, they have maintained their accounts.  Facebook is still a main social connection for their networks and YouTube remains a major source of entertainment and research for her crowd.

Twitter is more popular with her crowd and is heavily used on a daily basis as a medium for updates and online group discussions.  Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram are also very popular.

Bernard Warner’s article is certainly worth noting and the use of the various social media sites by the young crowd is definitely a trend that needs monitoring going forward.  You may read Bernard Warner’s full article at


Francisca Jordan is an accomplished communications strategist and advisor with over (24) years experience in Corporate Communications, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.  Ms Jordan has assisted several large and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in both the public and private sector by providing winning strategies that transform business, drive sales, engage customers, employees, and other stakeholders and increase brand value. 


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