Trinidad: Beaches, beats and Indian-Chinese-African-French-Caribbean fare

30 Mar


Trinidad, the larger of the two islands of Trinidad and Tobago is a mere seven miles from the coast of Venezuela. Its living, breathing local culture takes its cues from the myriad foreign influences—Indian, African, French, British, even Chinese and Lebanese—that have mingled over the centuries. In Port of Spain, the capital perched on the Gulf of Paria, that means listening to a steel band, dancing to calypso, “liming” (hanging out and relaxing, in Trinidadian English), watching cricket or eating delectable roti wraps. A measure of self-sufficiency is necessary; travelers don’t get coddled in Trinidad. But that means the island’s abundant natural wonders, including stunning beaches, are blissfully devoid of the usual tourist trappings. Or, in fact, any tourist trappings at all.

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